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We Made A New Video! 

Here is a little video we put together with clips from our Gypsee Bungalow West Coast Tour. Now that the tour has completed, we are working hard at booking shows for 2019. If you want to see Fort Vine in your hometown, let us know! We'll try our best to add it to next year's tour route!

Happy Holidays, everyone!


Nyna, Trevor, and Kenny

Fort Vine

Stay Magical Tour 2018 

Trevor and I are having the time of our lives out here on the open road! Gypsee Bungalow has been running like a champ the whole way. We have loved playing shows in all the places we've visited. The people we've met have been incredibly kind and open and receptive to our music. Overall, it's been wonderful!

And it's only the beginning! We will be on the road for our Stay Magical 2018 Tour through December, making our way up the west coast and back down again to the southern US as it gets colder. We are loving #vanlife! Stay tuned for new music a-brewing on our travels. Van album, anyone?!

Stay Magical,


The Fort Vine Etsy Shop is Open for Business! 

We decided to get creative in our tour-funding endeavors by crafting some pretty stellar-looking Fort Vine hats with hand-stamped leather patches. Each hat is one of a kind, the beanies are 100% wool, and the patches are hand-sewn. We put a lot of love into making these hats and we hope they bring good fortune and happy times to those who wear them. You can visit our new Etsy shop HERE. Cheers!